Thanks to its professional and experienced personnel, BELGİN Technical Business Development and Support Department offers innovative solutions to its customers, being their business partners in all industries employing lubricants. 

Technical Engineering Services;

  • Requirement Analysis on the Lubrication of Process & Equipment (Due Diligence)
  • Technical Support Line
  • Technical Trainings offering certificates
  • Sample Analyses and Technical Reports
  • Fluid Management System
  • Efficiency Management
  • Industrial expertise services


Outcomes of Technical Engineering Services;

Sonuç olarak ;

• All consumptions including direct or indirect ones are reduced,

• System failures are avoided,

• Lubricant’s service life is optimized,

• Constant process improvement is provided,

• Efficiency is increased,

• Waste disposal expenses are minimized,

• Total costs are improved.


Requirement Analysis in relation with Process & Equipment Lubrication

On-Site Visits

Our Technical Support Engineers visit your facilities and check your processes for the purposes of due diligence. Thereafter, we recommend products for your applications  and create solutions accordingly.

We follow-up our products being used by you and carry out site controls as necessary. Measurements in the site controls are shared with our customers through the “Technical Follow-up Software” (TTP).

Using TTP software, we keep soft records of the site measurements and establish a database for the purposes of retrospective trend analysis.

Technical Support Line

With regard to your entire questions on lubricants or on the products to be used in your processes, our “Central Technical Support Line” is at your disposal. Technical support request or complaints are taken into account and in return we provide our services to the customer.

e-mail :
Phone: 0262 751 02 92

Technical Trainings

A: Customer Trainings:
At BELGIN, we consider the profiles and requirements of the customers and our expert team organizes trainings on lubricants and lubrication techniques while the participants receive Certificates of Attendance when the training is completed.
Through Customer Trainings, we provide usage awareness and increased efficiency so that correct product is used for the correct purpose in the most efficient and affordable manner.

B: Training Organizations:
Subject to the understanding of Social Responsibility, we provide lubricant and lubrication techniques training at relevant departments vocational schools, high schools and universities for the purposes of professional development.

Laboratory Analyses

With our modern & accredited laboratory facilities in line with the international standards, the lubricants employed by your Company are analyzed and reported. Thanks to the Online Laboratory Analysis System, samples of used lubricants received regularly from related systems are analyzed and the following benefits are provided under predictive maintenance:

• A regular system follow-up,

• A database for trend analyses,

• Taking measures as necessary before encountering problems,

• Avoiding systems interruptions which hinders the production process,

• Avoiding any equipment loss

Efficiency Management

Belgin Technical Staff, with an integrated and systematic approach, first issue an expertise due diligence report for entire lubricants you employ in the relevant process or process flow.

By means of identifying, measuring, monitoring, following-up and comparison of the lubricants employed in your systems, we do our best to improve efficiency considering the corporate targets.

In the works performed, we check the manuals of the equipment in an effort to find out whether or not the process and the product are compatible. Answers related to the recommended lubricants, lubricating method, quantity, period or location are obtained for the due diligence process yielding in lubricating cards. Lubricant stores, handling equipment, lubricant standards etc. equipment are labeled with magnets. This minimizes such failures as using a different lubricant in the system.

Thanks to regular site visits of the Specialist Technical Personnel, lubricants are constantly controlled. Using the data acquired after site and laboratory measurements, technical recommendations for the purposes of improving the performance are offered to Customer through technical reports.

Customers are informed about the cost savings provided using the data from regular measurements and on-site follow-ups along with the product follow-up and trial follow-up reports. 

For the purposes of keeping efficiency maximum in the lubricants use, we organize meetings with our business partners. Targets and total system cost improvements are transmitted.

Industrial Expertise Services

Industrial Experts at BELGIN carry out a detailed analysis on the current situation and offer a large product and service portfolio also covering special technical solutions to problem. Extensive product range provides them with the opportunity to engineer solutions at any point in the related industry. BELGIN, through its engineers specialized in industries, selects suitable products in its portfolio for appropriate processes tailoring innovative solutions and reports them to its Customers in detail.  

With the contributions of its R&D Team who design innovative products using the constantly developing additive technology, BELGIN creates a sustainable business success in line with the recommendations of its Expert Technical Personnel. Technical Specialization covers entire issues aimed at product and product utilization for industrial plants. Experts transmit their know-how and expertise using such items as lubricant training and lubrication cards.

BELGIN aims correct utilization of the products by its customers with its specialized engineering team for the purposes of maximum efficiency. It presents recommendations on the fields of application and guides you in your expedition to maximum efficiency.

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