Iron & Steel Industry, being the backbone in metalworking industry and supplying to each part of it, underpins the industry. Production of many industries, from automotive to construction industry, electronics to defense industry, home appliances production to connection components industry, depend on iron and steel industry which is highly strategic.
Products being manufactured within the iron and steel industry such as ribbed rebar, coil wire rod, profile and flat sheets require tailor made solutions to the lubrication needs of the industry as they are employed in many critical applications in the industry. BELGIN provides the customers in iron and steel industry with special solutions thanks to its high technology products which satisfy the expectations in the processes in addition to inserting a considerable added value for optimum performance and efficient manufacturing. Our products including synthetic or mineral oils engineered for the process, hydraulic oils, high performance gear oils and special greases with their innovative and economic formula are successfully employed in the industry. BELGIN Technical Team visits iron and steel industry customers and perform a field expertise followed by sharing industrial know-how and high performance products.