The developments in construction industry as well as in manufacturing and automotive industries do have influence on the demand for steel pipe industry.
Belgin produces high technology products meeting the requirements of the customers with a considerable added value with regard to performance and production efficiency and offers them to use of its customers.
Generax, Bortex and Cores series products are successfully employed in pipe manufacturing industry with their innovative and economic formula.
Considerable cost improvements along with clean machinery components, high anti-corrosive properties, serial manufacturing advantage by using our high corrosion resistant, superior washing and cleaning performance and high bacteria resistant products.
BELGIN Technical Team offers their industrial experience and high performance product portfolio to the customers with onsite visits and field appraisal.
* Leading position in the industry,
* New generation industrial products,
* Industrial experience and know-how,
* Technical After-Sales Services
BELGIN offers various solutions for the manufacturing lines in the welded tube and pipe industry.